Люминесцентный порошок VS флуоресцентный порошок: они одинаковы?

Apr 19, 2023
Working principle
Luminous powder, also known as luminous powder, is a kind of efficient light storage material. It can quickly absorb and store light energy, which is then released to glow in the dark. So, the glowing powder you see all the time can glow on its own without electricity.

Fluorescent powder is also a very common material, but it is different from luminous powder, especially in how it works. It can glow in the dark like a glowing powder. But the point is, if there's no other light source, it can't shine on its own. Things made from fluorescent powder don't glow during the day. It can only reflect light when someone else emits it at night. So it looks like it's glowing.

Luminous powder has a wide range of applications. Therefore, it has many social and economic benefits. People can use luminous powder in the printing industry, such as screen applique and printing paste. In the ceramic and glass industries, luminous powder can be used to make road signs, warning signs and crafts. In the plastic and leather industries, we often see luminous powder in toys, handles and other applications.

However, fluorescent powder are hardly used in life or work because of the large number of chemicals it contains. For this reason, people usually choose luminescent powders over fluorescent powder

Luminous powders only need to absorb light for a short period of time to glow for a long time. If the luminous powder is made of zinc sulphide, it takes only half a minute to fully absorb. But if it is a powder with a long lasting glow, it will take longer, such as 15 minutes.

In addition, the cost of luminous powder is relatively low and can be very colorful according to the need. Luminous powder comes in different colors, such as yellow, blue, red and orange. The most common is white people. However, fluorescent powder are relatively monotonous and do not emit light on their own. Therefore, it is not as practical as luminous powder.

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